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Emergency towing in Leeds

Whether you've been involved in a collision, your vehicle has parts that need replacing, or you just need your oil changed, our trained team is ready to get the work done. We offer comprehensive auto repairs and maintenance, as well as emergency towing services at any time of the day or night.

Auto repairs

From towing your vehicle to transmission installation, brake services and much more — our experts are capable of working on any make or model. Take advantage of our years of experience in the auto industry for thorough repairs and helpful guidance so you can make informed decisions about your vehicle's care and maintenance.
Emergency towing services in Leeds, AL
With questions, call 205-699-6651

Body Shop

Be confident of the safety of both you and your passengers whenever you get behind the wheel, whether you're driving a car, truck, SUV, foreign and domestic. We provide complete body work utilizing our laser measuring system for precise frame repair. Let us help you ensure that your vehicle is running at peak performance every day.

Towing services

No one ever plans for their car to break down, which is why we're available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for your convenience. We offer towing for small, medium and heavy duty vehicles. We also offer air cushion recovery, have a lowboy for hauling heavy equipment along with large rotator wrecker! There's almost nothing we can't tow. Just give us a call and we'll recover your vehicle and provide you with the repairs you need to get back to your life.
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